SEND Information

Welcome to Somerville Primary School’s Special Educational Needs information page. Here you will find out all the information you need on how we will support you and your child.

Miss Vickerstaff is the school SENCO and can be contacted using the main school number (0121 675 0956).

Ms McNab is the school SEND governor and can be contacted using the main school number.

The information on this page is reviewed in consultation with staff, parents and governors on an annual basis. 

1 What does SEND mean?

2 Who can I talk to if I have a concern about my child’s needs? 

3 Who decides if a child has special needs? 

4 Who will support my child while they are at school? 

5 What kind of support will a child with special needs receive? 

6 How will I know about the progress my child is making? 

7 Which other services and outside agencies are available to the school? 

8 What training and expertise do the staff at Somerville have? 

9 Is the school accessible for children with a disability? 

10 What opportunities do the pupils have to talk about their progress and their needs? 

11 How does Somerville support the emotional, social and mental well-being of its SEND pupils? 

12 How does Somerville support its pupils when it’s time for them to move class or to leave the school? 

13 How effective Is Somerville in supporting pupils with SEND? 

14 Who can I speak to if I have a complaint? 

15 How can I find out about the Local Authority’s ‘Local Offer’ for pupils with special needs? 

16 Accessibility