Latin at Somerville aims to foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world around them through exploring the subject’s influence on the English language alongside the influence of associated cultures (such as Roman and Ancient Greek), on our world’s culture. Latin will expose Somerville pupils to new ways of thinking and provide a comprehensive foundation for learning further languages at Key Stage 3.

Crucially, Latin also aims to support Key Stage 2 English teaching at Somerville, especially in reinforcing the learning of grammar and syntax, and in the extension and enrichment of English vocabulary.

In line with the National Curriculum Languages programmes of study at Key Stage 2, Latin at Somerville is both comprehensive and enjoyable for all abilities. We use the Maximum Classics Latin course and associated resources to deliver our Latin curriculum which provides excellent coverage of the subject and its associated skills.

Latin in lower Key Stage 2 aims to give pupils both a sound foundation knowledge of the Latin language, and a taster of some of the ‘best bits’ of culture from Ancient Greece and Rome. These cultural sessions work alongside the language teaching to engage and excite children in Latin; as well as developing key creative skills.

Latin in upper Key Stage 2 aims to build on and add to Latin language concepts learned previously. The increasing and cumulative amount of language work means that there is a larger focus on developing Latin language skills rather than the cultural segments of Latin at the end of Year 4 and in Years 5 and 6.

Class teachers are encouraged to work collaboratively with their class to identify Latin links in all curriculum areas so Latin can support and enhance Key Stage 2 curriculum strategies across all subjects, particularly in literacy and linguistic skills. Children gifted in the subject area are particularly encouraged to develop these cross-curriculum links with Latin to challenge their ways of thinking and develop knowledge.
Mrs L Taylor