Staff Information



Mr I Khan

Deputy Headteacher and Safeguarding:

Mrs S Fazil

Assistant Headteacher for Curriculum, Students:

Mrs S Sarwar

Assistant Headteacher for Assessment and Standards, Gifted and Talented:

Miss S Cockbill



Ms H Kirkby - EYFS Lead / Year Leader  

Mr S Clancy

Teaching Assistants: Mrs R Aftab, Mrs A Abbas, Mrs M Siddique

Year 2

Ms E Chester - Year Leader

Mrs H Kaur

Mrs A Rahman - Leader for R.E

Ms J Vickerstaff - Special Educational needs Coordinator (SENCO), Leader for Geography

Miss H Watson - Leader for Art

Teaching Assistants: Ms L Griffiths, Ms L Kenny, Mrs R Kaur, Mrs A Brown


Year 5

Mrs S Noreen

Mrs K Kirby - Year Leader, Leader for SMSC, PSHE and Citizenship

Mrs K Boden - Leader for DT 

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs B Khan , Ms S Rashid, Miss L Palmar, Mrs R Akhtar


Mrs A Andrews - Year Leader

Ms C Durant

Mrs K South 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs S Begum, Mrs R Raza, Mrs S Begum

Year 3

Mr S Khan - Rights Respecting Lead, Investors in Pupils Co-Ordinator, School of Sanctuary Leader, Website Co-Ordinator and VotesForSchools Co-Ordinator.

Mrs J Aljazir - Year Leader

Ms C James

Teaching Assistants: Mrs N Akhtar, Mrs S Bi, Mrs Z Khatoon, Mrs N Jabeen.

 Year 6

Mrs Jabeen - Leader for English.

Mr J Budden - Leader for Science

Mr M Saeed - Leader for Maths, Year Leader

Mrs S Sarwar – Assistant Headteacher

Miss S Cockbill – Assistant Headteacher

Teaching Assistants: Ms A Ajaib, Mr J O Shea, Ms J Hughes, Mrs S Khaliq, Mrs S Parween 

Year 1

Mrs A Haroon 

Mrs B Ahmed / Mrs M Shokar - Year Leader

Ms N Perks

Teaching Assistants :  Ms A Ali, Mrs N Ali, Mrs J Bailey, Ms A Bartlett, Ms A Noreen

Year 4

Mrs S Zafar - Leader for History

Ms K Rice - Year Leader, Leader for Computing

Mr M Aksar

Teaching Assistants : Mr W Gresham,  Mrs S Bano, Mrs N Akhtar, Ms S Arif


Senior Learning Mentor:  Mr Z Quereshi

Attendance Learning Mentor:  Mrs R Shaheen

Assistant Learning Mentor: S Bi

Physical Education Lead: Mr A Warner

Receptionist Administrator:  Ms S Hussain

HR Manager/ HT's PA:  Ms M Tweed

Network Operations Manager: Mr. J. McSporran

Building Site Supervisor : Mr Dyke


Senior Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Z Khan, Mrs S Hussain, Mrs N Akhtar

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs R Pervize, Mrs F Begum, Mrs S Ahmed,

Mrs N Bi, Mrs S Khatoon, Mrs F Mahamud,

Mrs S Bibi, Mrs G Ahmed, Ms Z Latif,

Mrs G Kasar, Mrs N Kauser,  Mrs Z Bi, Miss P Akhtar,

Mrs A Jabeen, Miss S Akhtar,  Miss S Kosar, Mrs T Siddika


Senior Cook : Jane Morris

Deputy Cook : Jayne Harris

8 Kitchen Staff

6 Cleaners.

School Nurse:  Jo Hill

 Inclusion Teaching Assistants

Inclusion Team –

N Akhtar (am Y2) (FT),   

N Jabeen (am Y3) (PT),

S Arif (am Y4),

S Khaliq (am Y6) (FT),

S Akhtar (PT),

H Ibrahim ( PT),

A Noreen (PT),

S Shah (PT),

Z Aslam (PT),

R Akhtar (PT),

G Kauser (PT),

E Kelly (PT),

A Bartlett (FT),

A Noreen (PT),

S, Akhtar (FT),

I Aftab (FT),

S Yaqob (FT)