Star of the week Assemblies 

Star of the Week Assemblies are held every Monday at 8:40 am.  During circle time two pupils are chosen as the stars for the coming week. These pupils are chosen because they have been polite, courteous, respectful and well-mannered to adults and their peers.  One pupil is chosen by the class and the other by the teaching staff. These pupils are then responsible for taking messages, receiving awards for their class etc.



We hold  separate singing practice every Wednesday morning. Phase 1 sing in class, Phase 2 in the Small Hall and Phase 3 in the Large Hall. Children learn to use their voices expressively and are focusing on reciting songs and singing in unison.  As well as learning and singing the school anthem we sing a range of songs from nonsense songs e.g.  black socks to seasonal songs e.g.  ‘Silver sleigh ride’ and ‘Rockin Robin’ more sophisticated songs e.g.Donkey riding – a traditional sailors’ song, an songs from popular music culture e.g.  ‘Morning has broken’ and ‘waving flag’. Currently we are learning the song ‘ The bare necessities ‘   from Jungle Book.


Class Assemblies

Every class has the opportunity to take part in a whole class performance. These are normally held on a Friday morning relating to different events or celebrations in wider society from different religious celebrations to cultural event. E.g. Christmas, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Mother’s Day, Spring or to topics being studied in class e.g. Hungry Caterpillar, Romans etc


For more information on assemblies  please come into school and speak to a member of the Leadership Team.