School Council Welcome


The School council members are elected every September and are voted for by all pupils. We have 1 representative from each class. The School Council meet once a fortnight to discuss ideas and suggestions for making the school a great place to learn. They have a budget with money they can spend to help them do this!


The School Council have been involved in decision making relating to improvement of  the school toilets, buying better equipment for playtimes and choosing the activities that school provide after school. 
Our School Council organised a Take-over day where everyone in school swapped roles! Look at how much fun we had!
The School Council also played an instrumental role in deciding how and when  Maths workshops  for parents were to be held. Parents from each year group were invited into school on different Friday afternoons to make inteactive maths board games with their children.   - Mrs Sarwar came to the meeting  and explained that the games would be part of our 'Maths Days'. She also  promised that our teachers would make it enjoyable and it was! We had great fun!

We also talked about Red Nose Day - 15th March - we will all wear red and donate 50 p each to Comic Relief! Teachers can wear red for a £1.00! We also sold red noses and cakes  after school for 50p. The cakes were very popular!

We talked about the school pets. We have fish, tortoises -Will and Kate,  and a rabbit called Nibbles! and w It was decided that money from tuck shop will be used to buy food for tortoises.




Chair of School Council.