Somerville 305 Cub Scout Group.


At SomervillePrimary School we have a thriving Cubs group which allows children to take part in a range of exciting scouting opportunities. The Cubs are enthusiastic and eager to develop their knowledge and skills of the world whilst having fun. Each cub is encouraged to participate in all the activities we do and to try new things. For some cubs, they have really thrived in scouts and gained in confidence and independence.  

The Cubs Group meets on a Tuesday after school, where they take part in a range of activities and games. All cubs are currently taking part in tasks to help them achieve their science and artist badge. Once the cubs have completed the tasks, there will be a special assembly where they will be given a reward for their hard work.  During the cub meetings we play lots of games where they have to work as a team and build up communication skills and some games we play are just for fun.

Many of our Cubs take up the chance to go away for the weekend on camp. Last summer, we had a successful summer camp at Blackwell Court, where the theme was- The Olympics! Children took part in obstacle courses, relay races, rock climbing, grass sledging and many other activities. It was also a chance for them to develop their domestic skills as they had to help prepare meals and clean.

The Cubs law is:

Cub Scouts always do their best
Think of others before themselves
And do a good turn every day.

Here at Somerville 305, we strive to do just this.