13. How effective is Somerville in supporting pupils with SEND?



  • It is important to us that SEND pupils make as much progress as their classmates even if they have a lower starting point.
  • The school has a robust system to monitor the progress of children with SEND. The SENCO works closely with class teachers to monitor regularly the progress and well-being of pupils.
  • Progress of pupils is always a major part of a teacher’s performance management targets.
  • Senior leaders analyse and discuss progress and attainment with teachers and report back to the governing body on a regular basis.
  • The school’s system to monitor progress is supplemented for pupils with SEND with additional assessment tools recommended by the local authority.
  • When children need to be supported using specific interventions, a baseline and final measure is taken. This not only measures the child’s progress but also provides the school with information about the usefulness and value of the strategy being used.
  • Professionals from external support services frequently recommend techniques and materials. They are also closely involved in measuring the progress of the children requiring the most support and can advise the school on the most effective intervention for a chosen child.
  • The school has regularly taken part in a review of its SEND provision and taken on board recommendations.