5. What kind of support will a child with special needs receive?


  • All pupils at Somerville can expect quality first teaching within their day to day lessons across the whole curriculum. Wherever possible, adaptations are made to suit different styles of learning.
  • From Year 2 onwards children who need additional support with English or Maths are taught these subjects in a smaller group with extra adult support. There are additional arrangements usually called intervention groups which take place regularly to tackle specific difficulties being experienced by groups of pupils from nursery up to Year 6.
  • These might be run by a teacher or a teaching assistant and will run for as long and as often as necessary.
  • For pupils experiencing more challenging difficulties there are additional opportunities to work with an adult, usually a teaching assistant, either in a small group or individually.
  • Additional support may be in relation to reading, writing and maths skills or it may relate to other difficulties. For example, there is a weekly group helping children with motor problems to develop their physical abilities.
  • Children with autism often take part in social groups to develop their interpersonal skills.
  • The pastoral staff support and work with children with special educational needs to improve their social, emotional and mental health development. This support aims to reduce any barriers to their learning, for example by improving their behaviour or developing their self-confidence.
  • Referrals can be made to specialists such as speech and language therapists. When advice or targets are provided by these agencies we try where possible to work on the targets within school.