9. Is the school accessible for children with a disability?


  • Somerville prides itself on being an inclusive school. It is important to us that all children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and that no child is put at an unfair disadvantage because of their special need or disability.
  • The vast majority of the school site is accessible for children or adults with a physical disability, including wheelchair users.
  • A management plan is drawn up for pupils with a disability in conjunction with the relevant specialists to ensure that the child has the support they need to access all aspects of school life.
  • The school regularly carries out an ‘Accessibility Audit’ which can identify any aspects of the school building which needs improvement. We endeavour to make all reasonable adjustments to make the school as accessible as possible for pupils and adults with a disability.
  • A copy of the complete audit is available on request from the SENCO. 
  • Each year an action plan is drawn up to improve accessibility in terms of the school environment and curriculum for pupils and for visitors to the school.
  • Pupils with impaired vision or hearing loss have access to the appropriate resources. Staff regularly receive training on how best to support them and manage their needs.
  • Whenever children go on an educational visit or are offered an after school club, adaptations are made to ensure that no child is excluded or disadvantaged because of their special needs or a disability.