2. Who can I talk to if I have a concern about my child’s needs?


  • If your child is already attending Somerville, the first person to speak to is their class teacher. Teachers are always around at the end of the day when they are dismissing the class. That can be a good time for a quick chat or to arrange a convenient time for a longer discussion.
  • We have members of staff who are bilingual in nearly all of the community languages spoken by our families, so we will be able to offer a translator for any discussions which take place.
  • You can also contact your child’s teacher by leaving a message with the office staff. Workshops are arranged at the beginning of each year where you can come into school, meet the new class teacher and take part in an activity along with your child.
  • There are parents’ evenings each term when you can talk to the teacher as well as look at your child’s work.
  • If your child has not yet joined the school or your concerns cannot be addressed by the class teacher alone, the person to contact is the school SENCO, which stands for Special Educational Needs Coordinator. This is Ms J Vickerstaff
  • To contact the SENCO please phone the school on (0121) 675 0956.