12. How does Somerville support its pupils when it’s time for them to move class or to leave the school?


  • There are a range of procedures in place to support pupils in their transition to a new class or school.
  • The SENCO or class teacher will liaise with feeder schools and often visit a pupil in their current setting before they join Somerville. Wherever possible a child and their parents will visit Somerville, have a tour of the school and meet their teacher. There are usually parent workshops at the beginning of each year to enable parents to meet their child’s teacher and to hear about the routines of the class.
  • At the end of each year children have opportunities to find out about their next class. For some special needs children who may need extra reassurance at these times a transition book is made so that they can become accustomed to the coming changes over the summer holiday.
  • When a child is leaving us, we liaise closely with their receiving school. Most of the local secondary schools will send a member of staff to discuss prospective pupils with their current teacher. Where a Year 6 child has special needs or a disability there are usually additional opportunities to support the transition, through extra visits or activities to familiarise the pupil with their new school and for that school’s staff to understand the nature of the child’s needs.