7. Which other services and outside agencies are available to the school?



Somerville has the support of a number of outside agencies provided by the local authority. 

    These include:-

  • Educational Psychologist – who helps the school in assessing pupils with the most significant difficulties.
  • Pupil and School Support Service – specialist teachers who work alongside the SENCO to assess pupils and plan appropriate support.
  • Communication and Autism Team – who advise the SENCO on strategies to support pupils diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  • Sensory Support Service – teachers from this service advise the school regarding pupils with a hearing or visual impairment.
  • Physical Difficulties Support Service – provide advice regarding pupils with physical needs and disabilities. 
  • All of the above can be reached through localoffer.birmingham.gov.uk
  • Pupils at the school may also be receiving treatment from services within the National Health Service such as Community Health, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy. It is the SENCO’s role to liaise where possible with these professionals.
  • The school employs a nurse one day a week to support medical needs.

Families in the local community have access to Children’s Centres and Social Services which may also liaise with the school