Covid-19 Information

Below is the latest information from Somerville Primary School on Covid-19: 

What is Coronavirus?

During these times, it may be difficult for some of our children to understand Coronavirus and the impact it is having on them.  The following videos explain this to children and may answer some questions they may have.  Stay safe

How is work going to be set?

We are encouraging children to work from home by accessing activities set via:

BGFL 365 (Years 2 - 6)

Mini Mash (Early Years - Year 1)

Teachers are setting, viewing and updating tasks for their children every week. 

Additionally, we would also like children to access the following sites:

  • MyMaths
  • Bug Club
  • Spelling Shed
  • BBC Bitesize

Please encourage your child to work through the activities set and class teachers will provide feedback as appropriate.  We thank you for your continued support throughout these unprecedented times. 

Teacher will also be calling to speak to parents and children regularly.  This will allow children and parents to ask any questions they may have.  

Control Measures
For those pupils, whose parents decide to send them to school, the following guidance needs to be followed: 


  • Pupils should wear a clean pair of clothing  every day (different to previous day)–  no need to wear school  uniform 
  • On arrival to school, parents to wait outside school grounds - only pupils to enter school grounds through car park  
  • Pupils to wait 2 metres apart – on designated markings.  
  • Year 6 to use Year 6 entrance 
  • Key Worker and Vulnerable pupils to use Year 5 entrance 
  • Pupils to wash hands with soap on arrival and fill their own  water bottle 
  • Pupils to sit in designated seats at 2m distancing 
  • Pupils not allowed to mix  keep 2m distance at all times including playtime and lunchtime.  
  • If your child does not behave or confirm to these rules then he/she will be sent home to protect other pupils and adults. 
  • Lunch will be in classrooms – children eligible for free school meals (FSMwill receive free lunch from school, others can buy or bring sandwiches. 
  • Pupils will NOT be allowed to go home for dinner. 
  • Pupils are not allowed to share equipment or books and should remain in own seats at all times. 
  • Adults to monitor pupils when they use the toilets to ensure they do not mix with pupils from other groups.  
  • Pupils to leave school at 2:00 p.m. so that a deep clean can be done of each classroom. 
  • Pupils to stand 2m apart when being dismissed from the car park.  

School Timings

Monday -Thursday 9.30 am - 2 pm

Friday - 9.30 am - 12.30 pm

School re-opening letter

How do you book a test?

Anyone who has symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) can ask for a free test to check if they have the virus. This is called an antigen test.

This test can be booked online via the NHS website:

Home Learning at its best at Somerville!
Saima from 6B reflecting on what is important in their life.
This is especially heart-warming at the moment and makes us take a step back and think about those we love and care about.
Remember to take care of each other and stay safe.  
Munizah from 6B has written a poem about life under lockdown: