Covid-19 Information

Below is the latest information from Somerville Primary School on Covid-19: 

What is Coronavirus?

During these times, it may be difficult for some of our children to understand Coronavirus and the impact it is having on them.  The following videos explain this to children and may answer some questions they may have.  Stay safe

How do you book a test?

Anyone who has symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) can ask for a free test to check if they have the virus. This is called an antigen test.

This test can be booked online via the NHS website:


School Timings September 2020

From Friday 4th September, the school day will begin at 8.30 am for all.

Dismissal times will be as follows:

we shall return to our usual times as follows:  

Reception - 2.45 pm (same entrance)

Year 1 - 3 pm (same entrance)

Year 2 - 3.15 pm (large playground)

Year 3 - 3 pm (entrance near Swanage Road)

Year 4 - 3 pm (Large gate Swanage Road)

Year 5 - 3.15 pm (middle entrance, car park)

Year 6 - 3.15 pm (first entrance, car park)


FRIDAY - 8.30 am - 12.30 pm


Entrance and Exit Rules:

• Parents/carers are encouraged to wear face masks.

• Parents /carers are not allowed into the car park when dropping children in the morning – Leadership and Learning Mentors will be present to guide children to their entrances.

• Parents/carers not to gather at school gates.

• When collecting parents to conform to social distancing - stand 2 metres apart. Please don’t block the path of other parents and children. .

• Only one adult to accompany child

• All children to use hand gel on entrance

• Please be considerate when dropping your child off at school and do not park on the yellow lines

• Please ensure that children arrive to school on time. If your child is late they will need to walk around to the front office in order to be registered

• If a parent needs to speak to a teacher they will need to contact the office and make an appointment


Other measures

• Children will have their pack of stationery/resources which will not be shared. This pack will stay in school each night so it is ready for the next day.

• Children will be back in school uniform and regular washing routines are adequate – there is no need for children to wear a fresh uniform each day.

• Children can mix freely in year groups but will need to keep a safe distance from adults if possible.

• To reduce the need for changing in school, children will wear their PE kit into school on the day they have PE and remain in it all day. You will be informed of your child’s PE days ready for the week beginning 7th September.

• School will provide a book bag and water bottles. Water bottles will be filled each morning.

• In classrooms from Y2 to Y6, children will be seated side by side and facing forwards in rows.

• All lost property or items left in school will be in the Yellow lost property box by year 6 entrance. Please come at 3 pm to check before pupils are dismissed.

• Children will take reading books homes with their planners and must record reading every night.

• During the autumn term, children in Years 3 and 4 will not be swimming and we will not be going on trips until further notice.

• We will be unable to invite parents in for assemblies or concerts during the autumn term.