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Super Sloths!

by Suryya 5K (20/11/19)

Doctor Rebecca Cliffe, leading wildlife researcher and founder of the Sloth Conservation Foundation, has uncovered some incredible new findings about how sloths live.

Here are some fascinating facts she has found about this curious creature:

Without sloths there would be no avocados.
Sloths feast on the luscious green fruit and then disperse the seeds far and wide.

They used to be giants!
All tree sloths that we see today evolved from giant ground sloths — there were thought to be over 80 types. The extinct giant ground sloths reached over six metres in height.

Sea sloths!?
Dr Cliffe has even found evidence to that several different species of marine sloth once existed, feeding from sea grass and seaweed in shallow water.

Even though they are known for being super slow, sloths really are amazing animals!

Find more startling sloth facts here: 

Royal couple visit Pakistan

by Hafsah 5K and Sakina 5N (18/11/19)

Did you know that Prince William and Kate Middleton recently visited Pakistan? Well, they have and they’ve been really busy on their tour. We’ll tell you all about it!

They both went to the mountains to learn about the climate (weather) change in Pakistan. They spoke to experts during a visit to a melting mountain in the Hindu Kush mountain range in the Chitral District of Khyber-Pakhunkwa Province.

Did they go to a party?
William and Kate travelled in a Pakistani vehicle called a rickshaw to get to a reception hosted by the British Commissioner in Islamabad. Prince William wore a traditional sherwani suit for the event. Kate (more formally known as Princess Catherine) wore a beautiful long, green dress. 

Kalesh people
The couple have visited the Kalesh people who live in the north-western region of Pakistan. William and Kate have been learning about their culture and dance.

Birthday celebrations
William and Kate joined a child's birthday party at the SOS Children's village in Lahore, Pakistan. It was a charitable organisation which provides a home for boys and girls who were at the orphanage. There were gifts, flowers, a cake and confetti.

Follow the link to see William and Kate in a rickshaw:


Brexit (Part 2)

by Aribah and Khadija 5N (15/11/19)

As you may know, Brexit has 'come back'! With many Members of Parliament (MPs) fighting over a deal, Prime Minister Boris Johnson had to push the date for Britain leaving the European Union backwards.

This was due to MPs being unhappy that Britain was leaving without an agreement with the other European nations. Now, due to the MPs decision, we are expected to leave the European Union on the 31st of January 2020.

Then the Queen visited Parliament to give a speech about what the government plans to do in the next year. In addition, many people are now fighting to cancel Brexit altogether, with campaign groups parading across the streets of London with banners proclaiming ‘’Stop Brexit!’’

Watch the Queen's speech here:


Internet addiction in South Korea

by Sumaya 5K (15/11/19)

South Korea is the most 'connected' country in the entire world. Almost everybody has a smartphone and access to the internet, but this has come with a darker side.

Statistics for last year show that over 140,000 young people were addicted to the internet, but some reports suggest that this number could in fact be much higher.

As a result, there are many centres across South Korea where teenagers can go to be treated for this and to receive help to get offline. Schools have also introduced special programmes to try to stop children from becoming addicted in the first place.

So maybe we should switch off our smartphones and power down our laptops every once in a while?

Find out how China has restricted gaming for children: