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My memory's of year 5

Posted: Jul 4, 2016 by: Khalfah Ali (k.ali483) on: Adventure Of The Year 5 Outstanding Blog


I have been in year 5 for quit a long time and my favorite subject is English because I do really well in it.In year 5 English 

we have done:the king Midos text,newspaper reports,poetry,leaflets,scripts and discussions texts. My English teacher is Miss Blakeman and my favorite hot write is the leaflets.


I have been to Leicester space center because we was learning about space in science we have also been to London because we was learning about British Values.I am learning about source to the sea so am looking forward to go to Barry island.


I could do better in maths but I am getting there. I think. My Maths is really good because we can practice our maths and do our maths homework we have been covering in maths:Time,Fraction,adding,subtraction,times,divide and times tables.

I would like to say thank you to all the teachers