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Year 4's amazing science week

Posted: Jun 27, 2016 by: Rizwan Khan (r.khan365) on: Year 4's Amazing Adventures!

Year 4 made burglar alarms for science week. 

On Friday 24th June 2016 we made burglar alarms to test out weather it worked or not. We were split into groups of 3, 4 or 5 and tried to make a the alarm.


Wires, (crocodile clips)


A battery,

A buzzer,


 some tinfoil,

And a gluestick

How to make it:

1. First connect the wires ( you only need two for this part ) to your battery.

2. Then with the other two parts connect them to your buzzer ( your buzzer should then go on) .

3. Cut some of cardboard and the  fold it half way and make it into an 'L' shape.

4. Once you've don't that get your blue tack and stick it on your cardboard on the inside.

5. After that put your circuit on the cardboard and get your tinfoil.

6. When you have it, then cut it a little bit (about 15cm) and stick it on top of your circuit.


           Once you've done that you can put it under a rug and step on it so the alarm would go on and fun have!