Lego puts Mr Tortoise on the road again!

By Zargaam 6S

A poor, helpless tortoise, which was unfortunately run over by a car, is now finally mobile again thanks to the ingenious invention of a Lego wheelchair for tortoises.

Scientists had doubted their ability to help tortoises walk again, so they have recently been thinking about different ways to help them back into action after incidents such as being run over and falling off cliffs!

Dr Ellen Bronson, the designer of this incredible invention, says she is “very proud” of her creation.

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Slide fall mayhem!

By Umar 6S

Eight young children fell from a large, inflatable slide during a recent fireworks display in Woking, Surrey.

All of them were reported to hospital with minor injuries and only seven have been discharged. We don’t know anything yet about the eighth child who is still in hospital. Many parents and people of the public were very upset to see such an enjoyable event being this dangerous.

Because of this accident, the slide has been deflated and the whole park has been closed to the public. Everybody is glad that the fall didn’t cause serious injuries. People think the slide wasn’t safe enough to go on as it was up to 9 metres tall and was very crowded according to the people who were there. A parent who attended the firework display has said that he saw 20 people on the slide and that was "far too many."

Joe Mercer, the owner of this slide, has announced that it had up-to-date certificates which means the slide should be perfectly safe. The police are now making further investigations to see how so many children fell from the slide, though no-one has yet been arrested. 

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£500m boost for Birmingham Airport

By Sahl 6S

Birmingham Airport has revealed plans for a £500 million investment over the next 15 years which will increase its capacity by five million passengers a year!

The Airport's chief executive stated: "Over the next 15 years, we will expand and significantly improve the airport to maximise our potential by investing £500 million."

There will be a mezzanine floor, new retail and restaurant units, more toilets and new seating. Additionally, the ground floor check-in area will have more self service desks, the latest bag drop technology and a brand new arrivals section will be created.

There will also be 11 additional aircraft stands and better public transport and road access for passengers, helping to increase passenger numbers to 18 million people by the year 2033.

Birmingham Airport, which is the UK's seventh largest, claimed the investment would raise its contribution to the local economy from £1.5 billion to £2.1 billion a year and take employment up to 34,000 jobs by 2033.

Its new master plan (named 'The Midlands Gateway to the World') was launched earlier this month. 

Freedom of speech or freedom to hurt?

By Rahim 6J

On the evening of November 5th, while everyone was celebrating Bonfire Night, a group of men decided to place a model of Grenfell Tower on a bonfire, setting it into flames. This model showed silhouettes of children in distress in the windows and even tied to pieces of dangling thread, as if they were falling from the building. As they were recording this video, it could be heard that the men were using xenophobic language (offensive to people from other countries and cultural backgrounds) and also roaring with laughter.

Their video has been shared widely on social media sites, being viewed by thousands of people worldwide. The Justice4Grenfell campaign group said the video "caused great alarm and distress."

A subsequent police investigation caused the men responsible for these hurtful actions to finally turn themselves in to a police station in London and all six were placed under arrest.

Some people argued that the men's offensive behaviour demonstrated their right to freedom of speech. But does freedom of speech also mean freedom to hurt?

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Dwarf planet discovery!

By Fahad and Hussein 6S

Scientists have discovered a new dwarf planet in the outermost reaches of our solar system.

Astronomers using a eight metre telescope in Hawaii, USA, found the new dwarf planet beyond Neptune. The orbit of this dwarf planet (officially called 2015 TG387) seems to be influenced by the gravity of a much bigger object. There is some speculation this object could be the mysterious 'Planet Nine'!

It has taken scientists three years carefully studying the data from this telescope to confirm that the object, known as The Goblin, is a dwarf world, which is probably about 300 kilometres wide.


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New member of the royal family

By Umar 6S

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting an exciting new arrival. The news came from Kensington Palace via a social media message. Meghan and Harry have recently been on an official trip to Australia and Fiji; the royal couple got married just a few months ago, in May 2018. 

The new baby will be seventh in line to the throne, right after his dad – Prince Harry – three cousins, Prince William and his grandfather, Prince Charles.  It is predicted that the baby will arrive next spring.

It is also predicted that they might be expecting twins! Amazingly, this would mark the first time in 600 years that the monarchy would welcome baby twins. People say this would be a wonderful gift to the much-missed Princess Diana and hopes are high that the twins will be a boy and a girl.


Ultimate UFC match of all time!

By Mohammed 6S 

One of the most intense matches in the entire history of UFC, McGregor vs Khabib was an incredible spectacle.

Conor McGregor achieved some takedowns in the first round but in the second, it was ‘Khabib Time’. The unbeaten Khabib went for the legs and takedowns on McGregor but, when Conor tried to go for an uppercut, Khabib dodged it and landed a solid punch on McGregor’s face.

In the fourth round, McGregor and Khabib tackled each other to the ground. Khabib then jumped up quicker than the Irish fighter and got him in a headlock; strangling Conor until he tapped out of the match for a couple of seconds to catch his breath!

After the match ended, Khabib claimed his badge and McGregor left the ring frustrated. As McGregor left the ring, he was rumoured to have said something about Khabib’s family or religion.

In a dramatic reaction, Khabib’s bodyguards jumped onto McGregor. Then McGregor’s bodyguards began trying to attack his opponent, so Khabib’s manager jumped into the fight and it all went crazy! The security guards could not stop the fight because they were stuck in the crowd, further back.

A few days later, McGregor offered to have a rematch with Khabib because he claimed he had cheated. However, Khabib does not appear to be interested in the rematch as he already has his hands full…. He has now challenged unbeaten boxing champion Floyd Mayweather.

Indonesia Earthquake!

by Abdul Wahab and Yahya 6S

A terrible earthquake took place on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia last week. It took many lives away from families and hundreds of other injuries occurred.

Graphic explaining how earthquakes change shape of sea floor and this displaces water leading to tsunami

The strong earthquake (7.5 on the Richter scale) caused a tsunami which also wrecked homes and buildings. Many people are still missing.

Under the rubble and buildings people were trapped and couldn’t breathe. Sadly, many of the trapped people died as more earthquakes continued to happen. These unfortunate Indonesian people could not survive without food or water so rescuers worked throughout the night to save them.

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99.99% of plastic in the world's oceans 'hidden out of sight'

by Zahara 6B

Computer models show more than 246,000 tons of plastic is on the ocean surface but a shocking amount of 393 million tons of plastic is within our sea beds.

See the source image

Scientists have said that the number of plastic waste hidden beneath the ocean’s surface has increased over the years. Researchers from Newcastle University have found that most types of plastic sink underwater and the growth of plastic in the ocean is now growing faster than the growth of algae. Calculations show that between five and 36 million tons a year is being deposited in the sediment every year. The government will hold a meeting with the UN to launch a campaign for the ocean’s protection to be increased by 30% by year 2030.

Remember to help clean the oceans and put your rubbish where it belongs!



Sport Shorts!

by Oueyess 6T


Football: Raheem Sterling is set for fresh contract talks. Manchester City want to a agree a deal to keep the England striker before he could leave in another 12 months.

On Friday, City manager Pep Guardiola told reporters: "It's well known we're delighted with him and would like him to continue. My club knows my opinion and we share that."

Boxing: Anthony Joshua made it his 22nd win after knocking out Alexander Povetkin. Now Antony Joshua says : "I am ready to fight Tyson Fury at his best."

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Football: Did you know? James Milner's father's 'dislike' of Man United saw the Liverpool midfielder banned from wearing red when he was a child. Now he wears the red of Liverpool!


Hurricane Florence Strikes

by Maryam 6J

On Monday 17th September 2018 Hurricane Florence finished in North Carolina . Over 31 people are said to have died and 24 deaths were confirmed.

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Although it was downgraded to a category two tropical storm this was still a very serious disaster. The rivers had reached major flood levels and threatening grey clouds hung in the sky and deposited months worth of rain in just a few days.

Is global warming to blame?

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Slime, slime and more slime!

By Ummaya 6J


Slime. Everyone loves it. It’s fun, its great; it’s one of the most famous crazes, but is it really that safe?

See the source image

I know you’re asking: ‘How can something like that be unsafe?’ Well, if you’re one of the people who think boron {a poisonous substance when it touches your skin} is just another slime ingredient then go google it and you’ll be shocked at what you find!

It can cause sickening nausea and other harmful symptoms. Now, I’m not saying for you to throw all your precious slime away - superstore slimes are generally ok - but be extra careful to check for boron when buying cut-price slimes!

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‘Robo-trousers’ can change the world!

By Zargaam 6S

Robo-trousers which help people stand up, walk upstairs and get out and about without wheelchairs are being designed by British scientists in a government-funded scheme to help the elderly and disabled to stay mobile.

Smarty pants: Robot trousers could keep the elderly mobile

The University of Bristol is developing ‘smart trousers’ with artificial muscles which can give frail people bionic strength, so they can live independently for longer.

This project has been dubbed ‘The Right Trousers’ by scientists, in reference to the hilarious Wallace and Gromit animation ‘The Wrong Trousers’, in which Wallace constructs a pair of calamitous cyber-slacks!


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