After School Clubs

Below is a list of all the after school clubs at Somerville.

Upcoming Competition Dates



Below are some details of the clubs currently being run at Somerville Primary School.



 Chess Club

I don't believe it! Chess Club has arrived at Somerville Primary School!!


Yes, that's right, Grandmasters are in the making at Somerville Chess Club. Children from year 4, 5 and 6 have been learning their pawn from their rook and their bishop from their king in a game of skill, brainpower and psychology as they battle to victory (or defeat!). Each week the children learn a new piece or a new tactic using logic and guile as they strain for victory in this classic duel. Excitement abounds as the Somerville Chess League is updated weekly; the winners climb the ladder and the losers nurse their wounds.

Somerville is looking for schools brave enough to challenge them to a battle to the end. Ad victorem spolias!!

We meet every friday Lunchtime in 4B!

Mr Bishop



Cheerleading Club

Find out what the club have been doing.



Last year some of our children in Year 3 took part in a Cheerleading Club. They had the opportunity to learn routines from an experienced dance teacher from Small Heath School.


The Club has been running every Tuesday after school since September. On 11th November, the Cheerleaders attended and performed in a Dance Festival in front of 150 other children ranging from Year 2 to Year 10. This was a very exciting afternoon as the Cheerleaders had the opportunity to see what other children were doing and show off their hard work.We performed in front of over 150 people!



Science Club

Wow! I wonder what experiments they've been doing.

Another club that takes place every Thursday is the science club. Within the science club children carry out investigations and experiments which give children the opportunity to have fun and research things they find interesting, developing their skills of scientific inquiry.

Every week we plan, carry out and then evaluate what we are investigating. So far in the science club we have made exploding volcanoes, investigated which size aeroplane flies the furthest and discussed what makes us unique, looking at our thumb prints and comparing them to one another’s. Further investigation we have planned are; making invisible ink, using our senses to test chocolate, making parachutes and much more.


Cookery Club

Mmmm! What's been cooking?



Through the ‘My Choice’ programme run by LMSS, pupils from year 1-6 within the Small Heath Cluster have had the opportunity to attend an art and cookery club. Children from a number of schools in the cluster have attended the club at Somerville and have all enjoyed making new friends from different schools.

The cookery session has taken place every Thursday afternoon since September. Children had the opportunity to plan the different dishes they would cook and all had great fun using new ingredients and recipes each week.

Children have made cakes, biscuits, crumble, pasta and they even had a go at apple bobbing for an end of half term treat!

This year Early Years Foundation Stage will have the opportunity to attend Cookery Club with Mrs Rehman and Miss Bartlett. Look out for their delicious cakes!


Football Club

Year 6 have been improving their football skills.

As part of their regular weekly P.E. sessions, year 6 have been working with a football coach. The sessions last approximately thirty five minutes each and each class works with him during the course of the Thursday afternoon slot. The children enjoy the sessions, where they work on their ball control and general football skills. There is lots of opportunity for the children to develop and improve their personal skill levels and engage in teamwork/team building exercises.

J. Budden Y6


Canoe Club

That sounds like splashing fun!