Home Learning

How is work going to be set?

We are encouraging children to work from home by accessing activities set via:

BGFL 365 (Years 2 - 6)

Mini Mash (Early Years - Year 1)

Teachers are setting, viewing and updating tasks for their children every week. 

Additionally, we would also like children to access the following sites:

If you require support to log on to Purple Mash, our wonderful Reception team have put together a guide to assist you.

How to use Purple Mash

Please encourage your child to work through the activities set and class teachers will provide feedback as appropriate.  We thank you for your continued support throughout these unprecedented times. 

Teacher will also be calling to speak to parents and children regularly.  This will allow children and parents to ask any questions they may have.  

During this time whilst schools are closed, starting on Monday 11 January, each week day on CBBC will see a three-hour block of primary school programming from 9am, including BBC Live Lessons and BBC Bitesize Daily, as well as other educational programming such as Our School and Celebrity Supply Teacher and much loved titles such as Horrible Histories, Art Ninja and Operation Ouch.  More information can be found on the following website.


Home Learning at its best at Somerville!
Saima from 6B reflecting on what is important in their life.
This is especially heart-warming at the moment and makes us take a step back and think about those we love and care about.
Remember to take care of each other and stay safe.  
Munizah from 6B has written a poem about life under lockdown:


How to sign into J2E/ BGFL365 to fill in Virtual Permission Form

How to join class registration