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Memories of Somerville Primary School

Posted: Jul 4, 2016 by: Abrar Soleman (a.soleman489) on: Year 5s exciting experience

Pupils of Somerville have clearly enjoyed their year at this school. They are definitely going to sob and cry when they leave [In about three weeks] especially year 6. They will be performing their leavers assembly and I'm sure they will put in 100 per cent effort into it. Year 6 will also have a fantastic, fun week near the end of the summer holidays. The whole school have had some great, memorable moments that they will surely share with their friends in secondary school. Year 5 had a great year this year as they had many fun trips such as, London, Space Centre and many more. They are even going to go to Barry Island on the 8th of July which falls on a Friday.


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